July 25, 2013

  • George Zimmerman Found Dead



    Sanford, FL:  Recently acquitted murderer, George Zimmerman was found dead this morning in the living room of his second story apartment in Sanford, Florida.  Initial police reports indicate that the likely cause of death is a self-inflicted gunshot wound directly through the chest.  Other evidence collected in the room suggested signs of a struggle including bruises on the victims face and neck, and one of the sofa pillows being described as "slightly disheveled".
        Sources have confirmed that the state of Florida believes that they have enough evidence to prosecute Zimmerman possibly under the charges of assault or manslaughter.  Prosecutors say that Zimmerman acted aggressively by allegedly profiling Zimmerman for being a racial profiler, and despite a call to his family psychologist telling him to "calm the hell down" and "do not pursue", he followed Zimmerman against this advice and thus instigated the fatal confrontation.
        Zimmerman's attorneys, however, claim that Zimmerman was merely acting in self defense after Zimmerman turned on Zimmerman and began forcefully beating him into submission on the living room floor.  It was a last resort attempt by Zimmerman, who feared his life may be endanger, to use deadly force on the assailing Zimmerman.
        Pieces of evidence still being examined by Florida State Police include a recording of a 911 call made by an unnamed witness walking past the door to Zimmerman's apartment in which in the background can be heard cries of "help! help!" which are being studied to determine if they were made by Zimmerman, or in fact if they were instead made by Zimmerman.  Zimmerman's attorneys are also requesting copies of Zimmerman's text records where they believe they will be able to show that Zimmerman was "up to no good" and perhaps had a history of not making his rent payments on time.




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